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Five Marketing Trends That Are Here To Stay

The world of online marketing is changing. It’s moving with lightning speed into new and exciting directions. Are you ready to move with it? These five hot online marketing trends are changing how businesses promote their products and services online and how customers want and expect to encounter your company in the digital world.

Everything has changed… everything. Connecting to the internet is not just a convenient option anymore, it is a necessary tool to everyday-life’s needs and wants. As paper goes away, so quickly your phone becomes the only tool to find anything.

– Aleksandr Novik

1. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Online marketing is increasingly visual marketing. Pinterest, a social media website where users share photos and “pin” or save them to virtual corkboards, is now the third-largest social media website behind Facebook and Twitter. Infographics, funny memes and other visual contest go viral in an instant thanks to social media. With digital cameras and online editing software inexpensive and easy to use, you can quickly create your own visuals to share with your fans, followers and customers.

2. Videos

Online videos have rapidly become a ‘must have’ instead of a ‘nice to have’ item for business marketing. YouTube, the world’s largest video sharing website, has over 1 billion users worldwide, and they’re not just watching cats do funny tricks or kids saying the darndest things. They’re watching informative videos, how-to videos, and presentations on business and marketing topics as well as a plethora of other topics. Whether you’re sharing business to business or business to consumer content, adding videos to your marketing mix and sharing them on sites such as YouTube can help you reach new audiences worldwide for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing channels.

3. Mobile Marketing

Gone are the days when consumers sat at a desk and viewed your website on a standard-sized monitor. First, it was laptops, and now it’s mobile devices. Tablets, smartphones and other devices have changed the way consumers access the internet. Worldwide use of mobile devices to access the internet is expected to increase. Google reports that as of 2013, more people access the internet using mobile devices than traditional computers. In some European nations, over 80% of people surf the net on mobile devices. Smart businesses make sure their websites adapt to mobile use; mobile screens are smaller and customers interact with them differently than traditional screens. Some businesses set up separate mobile websites while others seek help from digital marketing agencies to create responsive web designs. No matter which route you go, mobile marketing is here to stay and a powerful and growing trend worldwide.

4. Content Marketing

Just a few short years ago, you could slap any old content online and as long as it was infused with the right cocktail of palatable keywords, search engines lapped it up. Now, however, search engines have grown smarter, and with their rise in artificial intelligence, they’re now ignoring, punishing or passing over sites with poor content. Creating interesting and engaging content that appeals to both search engines and human website visitors is both an art and a science. Quality content, however, is said to be rewarded by popular search engines, with most adjusting their formulas to assess quality. People are searching for information online, and the more your business and website can be thought of as a source of authoritative information, the better. The quality bar continues to rise but investing in content marketing, whether, through articles, images or rich media is a smart idea for most businesses.

5. Remarketing or Retargeting

Have you ever visited a website, only to feel haunted by it long after you’ve left? That haunted feeling is probably caused by ads that follow you no matter where you go. For example, if you were shopping for furniture and visited a furniture retailer’s website but left without purchasing anything, you may see ads for the same retailer appearing on other websites. This is an example of remarketing or retargeting. Special codes are appended to the web pages of the retailer, and those codes trigger ads after you’ve left the site. It’s a powerful form of marketing, with some estimates pushing the effectiveness of remarketing at 40% or more people responding to multiple impressions of an ad through retargeting.

Trends come and go, but these five appear to be here to stay. Whether you run a small business with one employee or a major corporation, research and incorporate new online marketing trends to help you gain more customers and improve your website’s visibility among the popular search engines.

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