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The Power of Google Maps

They come by air, land, and water. They are taking pictures of everything. Today, Google is leading the way to map every inch on this planet. Twenty percent of all Google searches performed today will result in a little map displayed. And it’s only the beginning. Soon we will know the location of every gadget which will remind us if we forgot it at work or left it at a friend’s house. Our stove will be turned off automatically because you left the house and your car will drive you to work without you even touching the steering wheel.

So what do I, as a business owner, need to know about maps and how can I adapt to it?

When you are searching on your phone for a particular service the first result, excluding ads, will be a map result, showing you the name of the business, rating, hours of operation, website link and even a “tap to call” button. Most companies have been focusing on SEO and social media advertising, missing the highest trafficked place – Google Maps. Just think about it, if you discovered that your kitchen faucet is leaking, what will you do as an instinct? You will grab your phone, if you are not already holding it and type: “plumber near me”. What happens next is very predictable by now. Google will pull out the map of all nearby plumbing companies and – by using their special algorithm – will suggest for you, the top 3 plumbers, providing their phone, rating and hours of operation.

And THAT is where businesses need to step up in their game. There are more than 50 elements that take place in the algorithm that determines whether Google Maps will show your business in the top golden three listing. At this point, everything you represent matters.

You will only get to the actual google search results after scrolling past maps. That is why having properly placed google listing and managing it in the right way will increase the hot leads and direct calls to your business.

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